Thursday, October, 16th


Session I.

Room 24. Moderator: Ivan Mikirtumov


10:00–10:45 Henry Prakken. Rational agency: an argumentation perspective.

10:45–11:30 Elena Lisanyuk. Argumentation and the rule-following.

11:30–12:15 Vitalij Dolgorukov. Context Dependence: a Game-Theoretic Approach.

12:15–13:00 Mikhail Rybakov, Ekaterina Kotikova. Kripke incompleteness of first-order calculi with temporal modalities of CTL and ATL.


Session II.

Room 24. Moderator: Elena Lisanyuk


14:00–14:45 Ivan Mikirtumov. The procedural understanding of meaning and compositionality.

14:45–15:30 Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen. Agency in a pragmatist theory of games and action.

15:30–16:15 Nikita Fatiev. Problem of free will in the context of logical modalities.

16:15–17:00 Vladimir Stepanov. Logical Model of Agents’ Self-Interaction.

17:00–18:00 Walter Carnielli. Agents building semantics: the Possible-Translations Semantics and the Society Semantics.

Friday, October, 17th


Session III. (in Russian)

Room 24. Moderator: Ivan Mikirtumov


10:00–10:45 Konstantin Shishov. “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” and its role in the problematisation of rational agent.

10:45–11:30 Konstantin Frolov. Correction of the fallacious reasoning in the opaque contexts.

11:30–12:15 Ildar Bajmuratov. Formalization of the dependence relation of quantifiers in the classical predicate logic.

12:15–13:00 Alexandra Pavlova. Actions in IF logic and dialogue logic.


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