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Saint Petersburg State University

April 28, 2014 – April 29, 2014

The Philosophy Saying ‘Yes’:
Seduction and Struggle in Language and Thinking

The international conference on the 170 years of Friedrich Nietzsche’s birth

28.–29. April 2014, Saint Petersburg

Topics for discussion

  • The overcoming of nihilism: the philosophy saying “Yes”
  • Struggle as existential and principle of thinking
  • Language as music and “melos”
  • Seduction of thinking by language and tactics of struggle against it
  • Nietzsche and mystical tradition
  • Aesthesis and poesis of thinking
  • Language and rhetoric of Nietzsche’s philosophy
  • Nietzsche and modernist and postmodernist discourses
  • The “Russian” Nietzsche
  • Nietzsche’s actuality

Kinds of participation

  • The plenary report – 30 minutes (recommended duration of performance – 15 minutes, time for discussion – 15 minutes)
  • Presentation by Posters (Poster Session).

Working languages: English, German and Russian.

The publication of articles

The editorial board of “Bulletin of the St.-Petersburg University” kindly offers an opportunity to publish plenary reports as articles of about 20000 printed characters in English or Russian. The information on terms and conditions of the publication of articles will be announced later.